Burlington Bay
2 Bedroom Penthouse | E510B

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This Burlington Bay two-bedroom/two bath lakehome is located on the fifth floor in Building 5. This unit sits slong the shoreline and features a spectacular view of Lake Superior. The lock-out design allows you to use the unit as a two-bedroom or as a one-bedroom and lodge room separately.

Accommodations include a king bed in each bedroom and queen sleeper in the living room. Amenities include a full kitchen, three gas fireplaces, two-person whirlpool in each bedroom, deck, wireless Internet and air-conditioning.

This unit is being offered at $62,900 for a one-eighth undivided interest. Approximate monthly expenses are listed below.


Association Dues $62.50 Real Estate Tax $58.78
Administrative $25.00 Utilities $22.92
Housekeeping $2.10 Telephone/DSL $6.25
Cable Television $3.25 Pool Usage $12.50