A Magical Winter Wonderland at the Falls

North Shore, Superior Shores Resort, Lodging on the North Shore, WinterA Magical Winter Wonderland at the Falls

It’s finally the New Year and we’re excited about the amount of snow we’re getting here along the North Shore. Snow brings the promise of prolonged winter activities and things to do in Two Harbors, MN. This winter, you’ll want to head out on an adventure to see some beautiful frozen waterfalls. Spend your nights with us here at Superior Shores Resort and your days out along the North Shore.

Waterfalls are breathtaking when the rivers are flowing and water is gushing down at high speeds. They are equally impressive during the winter time. You’ll enjoy seeing the cascade of frozen icicles as the falls create their own masterpiece during the cold season.


There are plenty of waterfalls to visit around the Two Harbors area. One of the more notable waterfalls is at Gooseberry Falls State Park. Only 15 miles away from Superior Shores, you’ll find this state park full of wintertime adventure. The falls at Gooseberry offer a magical place to escape during the daytime. Set behind this dramatic entrapment, water trickles down behind the frozen mass. Visitors are able to walk right up to the frozen falls to see the icicles up close. It’s truly a sight to see, just don’t forget to bundle up!


North Shore, Superior Shores Resort, Lodging on the North Shore, WinterYou can even day trip farther north to Tettegouche State Park to see the Baptism River High Falls. Known as some of the highest waterfalls in Minnesota, these falls are a sight to see in winter. Dropping over 60ft, these falls are impressive in both the summer and winter months. You’ll want to spend the day exploring the waterfalls as well as the rest of the state park! They offer wonderful photo opportunities, just be careful to not get so close. With any frozen waterfall, broken icicles can drop at any time. 


No matter which falls you visit this winter, make sure to put it on your bucket list! They are a must-see around Two Harbors, MN. Plus, enjoy the comforts of your own private suite upon returning home to Superior Shores Resort. Take off your wet boots and warm up in our toasty suites for a goodnight’s sleep. We hope to see you soon, and can’t wait to hear all about your North Shore adventures!