North Shore AgatesNorth Shore agate hunting is an age-old tourist activity that continuously grows here at Superior Shores Resort. When choosing your North Shore MN lodging, keep in mind the location to rocky beaches. Lucky for you, our beautiful Two Harbors resort is steps away from two agate-filled beaches! Knowing where to agate hunt is easy: nearly everywhere on the North Shore. Not all beaches, however, are worth your time. We’re here to help you find agates, and point you in the right direction!

When to Hunt for Agates

Plan your hunt for early in the morning or in the late afternoon on a sunny day. The rays of light slant across the rocks when the sun is lower. Hunt after heavy rain or a thunderstorm, because beaches are often picked clean after a matter of hours. New stones always wash up after a quality rainstorm, giving you first dibs! Lastly, try multiple locations. If you’re not finding treasure on a specific beach, then move onto the next one.

How to Hunt for Agates

Our guests are spoiled because our North Shore MN lodging is on a prime agate hunting beach on Flood Bay! Once you’ve chosen your location, scan to find iron-red rocks that have concentric banding (fancy, often colorful lines) and waxy luster. Bring a flashlight for better examination or use the sunlight. When the sun is low, you may be able to spot translucent red agates shimmering from a distance. Agates come in all sizes, shapes, and colors, so it’s best to keep anything that resembles an agate and bring them to a professional for classification.

Where to Find the Best Agates

Only steps from Superior Shores Resort, starting at Flood Bay is best! Our long beach is the perfect spot to hunt after breakfast while the sun is still low. Slip on over to Burlington Bay Beach, an easy mile down the road, for more adventure and breathtaking Lake Superior views.

The undisputed #1 agate beach on the North Shore is Paradise Beach, 15 miles north of Grand Marais. Paradise Beach, however, is usually quite busy. Cut Face Creek, just south of Grand Marais, is beloved by professionals because it’s quiet and has beautiful thomsonite zeolites.

Tettegouche State Park, home to one of the best waterfalls in Minnesota, and Temperance River State Park are both hidden gems. Tourists flock to these state parks for adventure but rarely to hunt agates. One of the most exciting locales to hunt agates is at Beaver River Beach! Just park your car on the side of the road and walk down to the beach. There’s usually only five to 10 people around, and you can climb the waterfalls for extra fun! Beaver River is a short 25-minute drive from our resort!

Superior Shores Resort has the perfect North Shore MN lodging options for your upcoming agate-hunting trip! Stay in a Burlington Bay Jacuzzi room or a beachfront lake home—there are no wrong choices at Superior Shores, only right ones!