Photo of the Many Canal Park Shops at NightThe artisan shopping industry continues to expand and evolve along the North Shore, particularly in Duluth, Two Harbors, and Grand Marais. While many tourists (especially those with children) still have a nostalgic tenderness for kitschy souvenirs, more and more travelers are beginning to seek out artisan jewelry, local apparel, and homemade treats. Over the years, we’ve enhanced the branded merchandise and keepsakes here at Superior Shores Resort while also keeping an eye on local shopping trends. One North Shore rite of passage that has withstood the test of time is a brief escape to Duluth’s Canal Park. Each year, hundreds of thousands of families visit this bustling neighborhood to snap Insta pics of the lift bridge, watch giant ships, dine on fresh-caught fish, and peruse through countless Canal Park shops.

The 10 Best Canal Park Shops

Amazingly, most Canal Park shops have been open for several decades, which is wonderful because repeat visitors know where to go to find sweets, keepsakes, and high-end merchandise. It’s always fun to hear our guests gush about their favorite stores upon return to Two Harbors. Every shop is within walking distance of Canal Park Brewing Company, Lake Ave, Cloud 9, and Little Angie’s, which is certainly an added perk. Please click the links below to learn more about our 10 favorite Canal Park shops.

  1. Duluth Pack, in operation since 1882
  2. Hepzibah’s Sweet Shoppe, the best chocolate in town
  3. Flagship Duluth. Local artists, live screen printing, and sleek architecture.
  4. The Blue Heron Trading Co., the DeWitt-Seitz Marketplace’s best shop
  5. Lake Superior Art Glass, glassblowing done right
  6. On the Rocks Art Studio & Gallery, a creative space for all
  7. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Caramel apples, anyone?
  8. I Love Duluth, kitsch at its finest
  9. Two and Company, women’s fashion that doesn’t break the bank
  10. Father Time Antiques, a portal into the past

Bonus Duluth Shopping

Two Women Walking Outside a Couple of Canal Park ShopsDuluth shopping is pleasingly unique because it varies from expansive shopping meccas to small, family-run mom-and-pop shops. There’s something for everyone in this bustling port city! If you’re not wiped out by those 10 Canal Park shops, we recommend visiting these six nearby establishments.

  1. Frost River, giving Duluth Pack a run for their money
  2. Electric Fetus. Collecting vinyl records is cool again!
  3. Miller Hill Mall. Your family will thank you.
  4. Fitger’s Mall. Beer, grub, kitchen supplies…they do it all.
  5. Zenith Bookstore, a West Duluth gem
  6. Earth Rider Brewery. There’s time to slip over to Superior for a pint and some merch, right?

Shopping in Two Harbors: An Eclectic Journey

Although shopping in Two Harbors involves fewer stops than in Canal Park or Downtown Duluth, we prize quality over quantity. There’s an eclectic mix of shops in our lakeside haven. In fact, we think that these five local outfitters outmatch most Canal Park shops.

  1. Silver Creek Co, the cutest outdoor-inspired shop on the North Shore
  2. McQuade’s Herbs, Spices, and More, unrivaled spices and tea
  3. Moosecellaneous Gifts, perhaps the hottest pit stop on the Shore
  4. Agate City, the premier agate shop in Two Harbors
  5. Castle Danger Brewery. More beer and merch, please!

Top-Reviewed Lake Superior Resorts

Superior Shores, Approximately 20 Miles North of Dozens of Canal Park ShopsAfter a full day of sightseeing, dining, and shopping in Duluth, return to Superior Shores Resort for a pint of craft beer at Kamloops Restaurant & Lounge, a beach bonfire under the stars, and a long-overdue soak in your private Jacuzzi tub. To learn more about the North Shore, please read up about the region’s best restaurants, rushing waterfalls, and craft breweries. And don’t forget to browse through our lake homes, guest rooms, and suites before giving us a toll-free call at 800-242-1988.