Glide your way to your Favorite Lodging on the North Shore

North Shore Lodging, Superior Shores Resort, Two Harbors MNGlide your way to your Favorite Lodging on the North Shore

Winter activities are abundant in Northern Minnesota! We can’t get enough of the snow this time of the year, and the snow has definitely fallen. Plus, a few days ago the North shore got a bunch of white, fluffy snow. Glide your way to your favorite lodging on the North Shore at Superior Shores Resort this season.

A little-known winter activity is Curling. Curling is a recreational sport related to shuffleboard and is popular along the North Shore. This seasonal sport involves players who slide stones on ice towards four concentric circles. The game comprises of two teams with four individuals. In the game, the stones are referred to as rocks and made of polished granite. Curling has the nickname of Chess on Ice because of the use of two sweepers during the game who help slide the stone down the ice. Altering the state of ice, the curlers use strategy and teamwork to determine how far the stone will go. The team with the highest score wins the game.

If you’re looking to watch some curling here at Superior Shores Resort, head to the Two Harbors Curling Club. Originated in 1963, the curling club has developed into a fantastic club along the North Shore. Taking home multiple trophies over the years, this is a great place to go if you want to learn about curling. Another Curling Club in the area is at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center: DECC. Whichever curling club you go too, we know you’ll have a wonderful time experiencing one of Minnesota’s popular winter activities. 

No matter what you choose to do this winter season, Superior Shores Resort will be your home base. Enjoy this wintertime season to its fullest, you’ll love spending your days exploring Northern Minnesota.