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Springtime means bright flowers and calmer waves from Lake Superior, but it also means that birds make their migration north again. Birds of all different colors and sizes flock to the North Shore for their nesting season. More than 150 different species will fill the skyline and as the fauna is starting to bud, spring is the best time to head to your North Shore lodging at Superior Shores Resort for some great bird watching!

North Shore Birds

Raptors are commonly found along the Highway and the North Shore in spring and fall; eagles, Peregrine falcons, and hawks being the more predominant species. Shorebirds, geese, and loons are other species you might find while staying with us. Shorebirds like sandpipers or other wading birds can be easily spotted close to the river at Gooseberry Falls State Park or around the shoreline. You’ll want to keep your eyes on the lake if you want to catch a glimpse of Minnesota’s iconic loon. The small black and white, spotted birds take to the lake to fish during warmer months.  

Popular Bird Watching Locations

There are plenty of places to see birds while visiting our beautiful Two Harbors, MN. State Parks, Lake Superior’s shoreline, and Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve on Skyline Parkway are all great options to try. Hawk Ridge is a very popular spot for bird watching and education of bird migration. We also recommend going to Burlington Bay or Agate Bay to view some North Shore birdies. These two bays are great options; close to our resort and perfect for bird watching in Two Harbors. If you can’t get enough of those locations, we’re sure you’ll spot a few fledglings while hiking, biking, or even kayaking during your trip!


Whether you get to see our nation’s majestic Bald Eagle soaring high above the lake or catch a glimpse of the smaller shorebirds, keep your eyes on the sky! Let your North Shore lodging experience blossom this spring and summer. Book your stay with us and plan your bird watching adventure, just don’t forget your binoculars!