north shore mn resortsA North Shore adventure isn’t complete without an afternoon picnic overlooking either the marvelous Lake Superior or the breathtaking surrounding topography. Superior Shores Resort has precisely what other North Shore MN resorts desire: stunning lake access, sixty acres of Northwoods, a convenient location, and premier guest rooms. We’re delighted to be your upcoming North Shore summer getaway headquarters! Every day trip on the North Shore should include a picnic at one of these incredible locales.

Wayswaugoing Bay Overlook

We know it’s a two-hour drive north of Superior Shores Resort, but a day trip to Grand Portage is necessary. After visiting the largest waterfall in the state at Grand Portage State Park, pull off the road at Wayswaugoing Bay Overlook for the best view in the Midwest. The overlook is hundreds of feet above Lake Superior! Within sight are Isle Royale National Park, Pigeon Point, and surrounding islands and bluffs. Host a picnic on the large stone boulders on the edge of the parking lot, as long as you’re not afraid of heights!

Ellingson Island – Split Rock Lighthouse State Park

The #1 best-kept secret on the North Shore is the pebble beach at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park overlooking Ellingson Island. This rocky beach, ideal for skipping rocks, has breathtaking lighthouse and island vistas! There are dozens of peaceful spots to lay a blanket down for a quick meal, including on the island itself. The island is walkable during all four seasons–especially winter–although you’ll likely get your feet wet most seasons.

Beaver River Falls

Most tourists cruise through the quaint town of Beaver Bay–don’t make the same mistake! Most North Shore MN Resorts will point you in the direction of Gooseberry, but we prefer to think outside the box. Pull off of Highway 61 at the Beaver River bridge and climb down to the scenic beach. Then take a quick, one-minute hike up to the falls. The secluded falls area is picturesque and also offers giant amber boulders with enough space for a sizable picnic; don’t be afraid of getting a tiny bit of iron-dyed river water in your hair.

Oberg Mountain

Not everyone will want to hike to the top of Oberg Mountain, but we’ve seen young children and senior citizens make the journey. Know your boundaries before embarking on the trek–it’s a multi-mile, gradually uphill hike to the top of the mountain. Oberg has Minnesota’s #1 autumn vistas and many potential picnic spots with sweeping views of the region. Some areas have massive wind gusts, so hold onto your hats!

Superior Shores Resort Beachfront

Our first-class resort, unlike most North Shore MN resorts, has scenic beaches aching to be utilized for an afternoon family picnic! Choose between Flood or Burlington Bay views then come back later in the evening for roasted marshmallows and weenies at a beach campfire!

North Shore MN Resorts

Don’t forget to take advantage of our many amenities and revolving promotions and specials. Whether you’re staying in our cozy Main Lodge, luxurious Burlington Bay, or secluded Lakehomes, your next North Shore escape should include a picnic at one of the five above locales!