Spring brings the thawing of snow; as temperatures begin to rise you’re going to want to book one of the best Lake Superior vacations with Superior Shores Resort. We understand that while springtime has beautiful blossoms of flowers and vibrant green buds on the trees, rain sometimes can’t be stopped, no matter how much we wish the rain to go away. On those dreary days, we’ve got all the necessary fun and activities to have a fantastic trip on the North Shore. Here are four of our favorite things to do when you don’t want to get wet outside.

Read a Book

It’s almost inevitable that rain and spring go hand in hand, and if you want to cuddle up inside, listening to the rain drum on he windows, we recommend reading a book. Whether it’s your all-time favorite book, something you’ve wanted to read for a while, or even a book on the local flora and fauna of our area, you’ll have a great time relaxing with your feet up. Be sure to get a room with a fireplace, for ultimate coziness! If  you forgot your own, we’ve got a small library of books for you to peruse.

Get the Bored Out of Board Games

Board games are a great way to enjoy a rainy day indoors, and we’ve got the perfect game for your family to borrow in our book nook. We think that a little bit of friendly competition will make any inclement weather blues go away, especially when it involves family! With a bunch of board games to choose from, we know you’ll have a blast.

Indoor Pools

On days where you can’t be outside, our indoor pool is the perfect place to make a splash. Don’t forget your floaties as your kiddos will enjoy every moment swimming around and having a great time. You might even love joining them in the fun of our pools, and we’ve got some hot tubs for the adults to enjoy quality time while keeping warm.

Media Room Package

Top off one of the best lake superior vacations with a purchase of our Media Room Package. You’ll get to enjoy a night full of treats including movie theater favorites like a popcorn tub, soda, and candy. Along with two DVD rentals from our front desk and one large pizza made fresh from Kamloops Restaurant! You’ll have all the fixing for the ultimate movie night inside your unit which makes for a great time when the weather isn’t the best.

No matter how you choose to spend your days or nights when the rain begins to pour, we’ve got you covered here at Superior Shores Resort for one of the best Lake Superior vacations you’ll ever experience. Take a look at our other packages and start to plan your spring trip today! Don’t forget rain gear for outside exploring, but know we’ll have what you need for an exciting day inside.