Spring into your North Shore Getaway

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Spring into your North Shore Getaway

Say hello to sunshine and goodbye to your winter blues…

We just got a few snow flurries the other day, but it’s almost April and it’s time to shake off your winter blues! Soon the snow will melt and give way to our spring and summer activities along Lake Superior and the Shore. This means it’s a perfect time to book your luxury North Shore lodging getaway and enjoy your spring vacation with us at Superior Shores Resort.

April can bring rain showers and fog, but don’t be deterred by that! Rain is a good thing in Two Harbors, MN; it soaks into the ground and helps the lush landscape bloom into a spectacular oasis. Once the weather starts warming up, visitors and locals alike head outdoors. You might even catch people wearing shorts and flip flops at 60 degrees! If you plan on hiking any of our area trails, we recommend bringing sturdy hiking boots that you’re not afraid to get dirty. With the amount of precipitation we received this year, the trails can be a little muddy until the heat rolls through.

Hear the Roar of the North Shore

A must-see this spring are the waterfalls in our area: Gooseberry Falls, Tettegouche, Tischer Creek… the list goes on. When the snow starts to melt, the roaring of the falls begins. Vast amounts of water will cascade down cliffs and trickle down streams; it’s a sure sign of spring when the waterfalls are flowing. If you think viewing the falls in winter is amazing, just imagine how powerful they are once all that snow melts! When you start to get hungry, skip the fast food locations along Highway 61 because there are great local eateries to try out. Kamloops is our favorite restaurant (right on site), but you can also try out the new Cedar Coffee Company, Louise’s Place, The Vanilla Bean Restaurant, and Northshore Pizza and Coffee House.

Feel the History of Two Harbors

If you’re wanting to visit Two Harbors, head down to the Two Harbors waterfront and take a tour of the Edna G. Tugboat. Serving the port for well over 80 years, Edna retired in 1981 and is now a part of the Lake County Historical Society. This iconic museum boat is worth checking out this spring season. While the Edna G. sits next to massive ore docks, spring also brings ships back into our quaint, little town. The Sonju Trail wraps just around the waterfront of Agate Bay, where you can watch the ore ships as well as the beautiful blue waters below. Plus, walk by the wildflowers and find your craft brew haven at Castle Danger Brewery.

As Two Harbors is the last stop for many while traveling North, get to know the area this time before going further, or heading home. It’s a great little town full of rich history that will entice anyone to stay for more than just food. Springtime here along the shore is worth it all when you get to know the scenic side of town and we promise that when you vacation at our luxury North Shore lodging, you’ll get the full experience of Two Harbors, MN, and you might end up wanting to stay longer than expected.