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3 03, 2020
  • Photo of Ellingson Island, One of the Best North Shore Beaches

The Prettiest North Shore Beaches


We’ve set foot on seemingly every public beach along the North Shore in or near the communities of Grand Marais, Beaver Bay, and, yes, Two Harbors. Most North Shore beaches have a defining feature, whether that’s a traversable island or granular black taconite sand.

The Prettiest North Shore Beaches2020-03-03T07:22:44-06:00
15 06, 2016

The Best North Shore Resort in MN


   The Best North Shore Resort in MN Experience the North Summer is when the North Shore in Minnesota comes alive. Trees and flowers blossom later than most of the country and it’s a time for exploring, relaxing, and vacationing. This popular shoreline along the coast of Lake Superior is where you’ll want to spend [...]

The Best North Shore Resort in MN2017-08-30T09:56:38-05:00
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