two harbors restaurantsPositive dining experiences often leave a long-lasting stamp on a vacation. Whether it’s your favorite romantic dinner or a surprisingly delicious lunch at a secluded dive, there are dozens of meals that standout among the rest. Keeping that in mind, Superior Shores Resort has completely overhauled its dinner menu and added a fleet of culinary geniuses here at Kamloops Restaurant and Lounge! Our guests can enjoy a lake-view meal, 12 months a year, at Kamloops in a casual yet sophisticated dining atmosphere. Whether you’re a lover of fresh-caught seafood, farm-raised beef, or traditional Minnesota comfort food, you’ll find what you’re craving here at one of the premier Two Harbors restaurants!

Broiled Walleye Fillet

Being that Kamloops Restaurant and Lounge is only a short stroll from Lake Superior, it makes perfect sense to begin this list with locally-caught walleye. Hungry patrons can also indulge in the jumbo garlic shrimp, but it’s nearly impossible to pass up our fresh-caught broiled walleye, cooked to perfection in a house-made lemon caper and white wine sauce! The walleye fillet is served with pan-roasted vegetables and your choice of a side (wild rice pilaf pairs perfectly with fresh fish).

12-Ounce Bone-In Ribeye

We’re not kidding around with this succulent 12-ounce bone-in ribeye! This massive, farm-raised cut of grade A beef is cooked to your liking (we recommend medium) and smothered in a delectable, homemade smokey blue cheese sauce. Our juicy ribeye steak pairs deliciously with crisp veggies and a dollop of garlic mashed potatoes.

Tater Tot Hotdish

two harbors restaurants

Kamloops Restaurant and Lounge is one of the only Two Harbors restaurants that offers classic Minnesota comfort food, particularly tater tot hotdish! If you’re unfamiliar with tator tot hotdish, it’s essentially a scrumptious baked mixture of ground beef, green beans, and cream of mushroom soup topped with crispy tater tots and a cheese blend. We make our own cream of mushroom soup – you’ll taste the difference immediately!

Loaded Baker Macaroni and Cheese

All other Two Harbors restaurants cannot match our “loaded baker macaroni and cheese,” a unique fusion of two popular dinner sides. We generously stuff a giant baked potato (which serves as a makeshift bread bowl) with cavatappi noodles and andouille sausage smothered in a rich, creamy homemade cheese sauce! The steaming macaroni and cheese mixture is topped with flecks of grilled bacon, freshly-chopped green onions, and a splash of sour cream.

Not-Your-Mother’s Meatloaf

two harbors restaurants

Meatloaf is another Minnesota delicacy for those who’re not from the Midwest. Our talented culinary staff mixes a pound of lean ground beef with tiny bits of freshly-grilled bacon and chopped green onions. The loaf is cooked until the last fleck of meat loses its pink color and topped with steaming hot red wine beef gravy! This meal is served with a mound of freshly-whipped garlic mashed potatoes and a side of pan-roasted vegetables.

Lakefront North Shore Lodging

Superior Shores Resort, especially in the tranquil wintertime, is one of the premier romantic getaways in MN. We’re just a short drive from Duluth, Two Harbors Light, and two of best MN state parks! After a full day of North Shore exploration, retreat to Superior Shores for an evening of gourmet cuisine, soothing Jacuzzi tub relaxation, and gripping fireside stories. Visit us online, or dial 1-800-242-1988 to book a well-deserved mid-winter escape to Minnesota’s serene North Shore!