There is almost nothing like waking up on vacation to a peaceful blanket of snow-covered trees and ground. Here at one of the top North Shore resorts, Superior Shores Resort, this winter you’ll be able to enjoy those comforts and then some. When you peer out your balcony window with a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate in your hands, you’ll find the perfect winter serenity waiting for you. Here along the north shore, we don’t stand still when the weather turns cold. We thrive and continue on our day, marking our next adventure.

Ice Crackling

When heading out on the town, we recommend going to the lakefront, where you can walk the paths near Lake Superior. It’s truly a magical sight when the snow has just fallen, and you’re walking in a winter wonderland! Another added benefit of seeing the lake up close in the winter is the ice cracking. The ice from the water pushes and stacks upon one another creating a picturesque vision and some of the most unique sounds in the world!


Curling is a huge sport in northern Minnesota! If you’ve never tried but want to, or you’ve been playing for years, the Two Harbor Curling Club is where you’ll want to stop during your vacation to one of the best North Shore Resorts. This game features stones fit for the specifically patterned ice rink, and a team of sweepers – get to know this fun, yet challenging, game when you stop by this local hotspot. Afterwards, grab a drink or two and dine on some delicious food at Kamloops Restaurant!

Adventure Time

Experiencing winter on the North Shore is certainly not for the faint of heart – and if you are up for an adventure, Positive Energy Outdoors is here to help! Winter sleigh rides, dog sledding, rock climbing, and more, is offered right here in the Northland. Buckle up and get ready for some truly fun and unique adventures this winter!


After spending your day in the brisk air, enjoying all there is to offer on the North Shore, head back to Superior Shores, where we offer rooms with jacuzzis and fireplaces! If the kiddos still have an ounce of energy, or if mom and dad need to soak sore muscles, we have indoor pools and hot tubs to relax in.

No matter what or where you choose to do this winter, make it out to Two Harbors MN, where you’ll find one of the leading North Shore resorts, Superior Shores Resort! From the toasty fireplaces that greet you to the cozy beds and warm winter nights, your days are sure to be full of joy and cheer when you venture out into the beautiful winter wonderland of our fantastic town. Get to know the shops, local sports, and fill up on the delicious northern food you won’t find anywhere else. Let our oasis along Lake Superior make for one of the best winter getaways ~ whether you enjoy it with your family in tow or a loved one by your side! We hope to see you soon along Superior’s icy shores!